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TNO, founded in 1932, is an independent not-for-profit research organisation. The yearly turn-over was 564 million EUR in 2010. TNO has 14 offices inside The Netherlands and 14 offices in the rest of the World. TNO owns and has access to numerous and a wide variety of laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment.
The mission of TNO is to improve the competitiveness of companies and government via innovation. To achieve this goal TNO cooperates with several Universities (Delft, Eindhoven, Twente) and Institutes in The Netherlands, has connections with other research centres all over the World, e.g. CSIRO, Fraunhofer, SINTEF, IMEC. Next, the HOLST centre in The Netherlands, and a TNO-IMEC cooperation is also part of the network. Furthermore, TNO is partner in many European research projects, Dutch funding projects and customer projects with a prominent expertise and experience in a wide variety of topics and technologies. Finally, TNO has a relationship and many joint developments with many large companies, including ASML, Philips, NXP, DAF, Thales, and the European Space Agency (ESA).

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ISIS is a vertically integrated small satellite company, focused on providing highly value, cost effective space solutions by making use of the latest innovative technologies. As one of Europe’s leaders in the nanosatellite domain, ISIS offers contract research, innovative satellite systems and turnkey space solutions to a broad range of customers for small satellite applications.
Based in the Netherlands, ISIS employs over 25 specialist employees all of which have a background in space technology and engineering, and operates from two different sites in Delft and Noordwijk. The company’s core competencies lie in the application of space systems engineering in combination with an expertise in the following technical areas: radiofrequency systems and payloads, deployable systems and hold-down and release mechanisms, attitude determination systems, and embedded systems.

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 NSL Satellites Ltd


 Sonaca Space GmbH

 NSL is a recently formed space engineering and project SME in Israel.  NSL employees have a reputation within the Israeli space market as unique managers, dealing with some of the most sophisticated projects. NSL founders have published several space-related papers and lectures regarding actual issues which concern the space industry, and presented innovative solutions to major unsolved problems.  Since NSL builds on the experience of its founders, the foundations of the company will give it a stronger survival power than other companies of the same age.

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Sonaca Space GmbH is a Space Engineering company part of the Sonaca Group.

The company (formerly Active Space Technologies GmbH), with ca. 20 employees, has a decade of experience in Thermo-mechanical, Structural Engineering and R&D, Testing, Product/Quality Assurance. Part of the Sonaca Group since 2016, it was established primarily as a thermal engineering company in 2007 and after almost ten years solid growth was acquired by Sonaca, allowing the Group to provide complete Thermo-mechanical solutions to the market, with focus on thermal and structural subsystems, mechanisms, GSEs and R&D.

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 Technion - Israel Institute of Technology



 The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering is one of the main departments forming the Technion, I.I.T.. The group which will participate in PEASSS is associated with the Aerospace Structures Laboratory (ASL). Present research areas: Adaptive smart structural systems for enhanced performance and improved structural efficiency, harvesting energy using piezoelectric material, design and manufacture of piezoelaminated plates, stress and stability of advanced composite and metallic thin walled structures, failure mechanics of advanced composite structures, buckling behavior of shells in the presence of damage, geometrical imperfections as a key factor in the reduction of the buckling capability of shells, load eccentricity and combined uniform and non-uniform loading of thin walled structures, development of nondestructive techniques for identifying damage and realistic load eccentricity and boundary conditions and “dynamic “ buckling of laminated composite and metallic thin walled structures.

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 SONACA is the Belgian leader of the aerospace and defence sector. SONACA's main business consists of design, development, manufacturing, assembly and testing of aerospace structures, and their associated systems. With subsidiaries in Brazil, Canada and USA, SONACA has accumulated in 2010 a turnover of more than 200 MEUR with a headcount of about 1500 persons.  
The main business lines of SONACA are: leading edge structures, fuselage panels and assemblies, wing panels and assemblies for civil transportation aircrafts.

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